Modernizing the Oil Field

Over 100 years of in-house industry experience alongside in-house programmers and developers. Easy-to-use mobile and progressive web applications geared towards the day-to-day oil professional and operation. Intuitive, useful and cost-effective.

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Our Mission

RarePetro is here to modernize the oilfield by creating modern platforms and leveraging modern technology while also providing consulting and outsourcing services from a network of professionals in the industry-backed with Professional Engineering Licensing.*

*Professional Engineering Licensing in California, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas & Wyoming

How We Do it

Our company is comprised of young professional software developers and multi-decade field & engineering advisors that provide our firm more than 100 years of in-house oil industry experience. With professional Petroleum Engineering, sales personnel and our working relationship with collegiate Petroleum Engineering faculty and students, we have the skillsets to navigate new challenges a project may present.

We Do It All

By utilizing our years of oilfield industry experience along side our in-house development team, we create powerful, dynamic and easy to use mobile and web applications. Our applications provide the client with intuitive solutions to ease the complexity of every day operations – in the office and in the field. Our goal is to continuously develop and provide intuitive and effective platforms that help with everyday industry activity without being too complicated or expensive.


Oil Field Engineering

Consulting & Outsourcing Services in: Petroleum Engineering & Oilfield Operations

Hardware & Software Technology

Client customizable reference tools/tech for field-based and well-site personnel. Plus, we build apps to improve your data capture, operational efficiency and/or sales.

Oil & Gas News

Rare Petro is committed to keeping the pulse on the latest news surrounding our industries. 


Business Development

We have the experience and resources to aid you in several business development aspects regarding your operation.

We Can Do It All

Founded in 2015, Rare Petro is designed to be the future of oil and gas technical firms. One of our primary goals is to work toward modernizing the industry by using and leveraging technology to fuel project efficiency. Now is the time to think differently & think efficiently!

We offer mobile app technologies and traditional technical consulting services with a focus on being more cost-effective than other consulting firms. We strive to be the best price vs quality by offering services with active working relationships from a network of seasoned professionals and outsourcing services for data entry through working relationships with College Petroleum Engineering Departments.

Stay Informed

Oil & Gas News Pulse

At RARE Petro we are committed to knowing the industry. Explore our podcast network, one of our weekly periodicals, or monthly basing breakdowns to stay informed.

OilPrice.com | Are Gas Stations Really Inflating Prices For Profit?

About a month ago, American consumers were confronted with the highest retail gas prices in history when gas prices soared past $5 per gallon for the first time ever. Not surprisingly, Americans were treated to another round of political bluster and ivory tower...

FNB | Spain imposes regulation curbing air conditioner use as temperatures soar

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! A new energy-saving rule in Spain that limits the use of air conditioning in public spaces in order to curb dependence on Russian energy is going into effect despite sweltering temperatures.The regulation requires air...

Epoch Times | Warren Buffett’s Company Has Bet $47 Billion on the Oil Sector

OMAHA, Neb.—Warren Buffett’s company has bought up more than $11 billion worth of Occidental Petroleum stock this year, giving Berkshire Hathaway control of more than 20 percent of the oil producer. Occidental’s stock rose more than 3.5 percent on Tuesday to...

OilPrice.com | A Worrying Signal From Oil Traders Of A European Recession

Recession has always been a politically sensitive word. Today, it has become so sensitive that some economists and politicians are trying to redefine it to make it lose some of its sting. The reality of a recession, however, is impossible to redefine. In Europe...

OilPrice.com | Third Oil Tank Catches Fire In Massive Fire In Cuba

The massive fire at a Cuban oil storage facility started by a lightning strike on Friday has now spread to a third storage tank as firefighters from three countries attempt to gain control of the inferno that has so far claimed the life of at least one person...

Rigzone | Analyst picks energy stocks for a recession

Crude prices are tumbling on recession fears, but one analyst remains bullish on oil stocks, saying a downturn is unlikely to dampen demand too much. Dan Pickering, chief investment officer at Pickering Energy Partners, said that some energy sectors had...

Monday Madness: August 8 ’22

Pushback on conservation efforts, increased price of energy for Asian buyers, and Russia's leverage over Turkey. CLICK YOUR PREFERRED STREAMING PLATFORM TO LISTEN TO THE PODCAST Other Episodes Audio Transcript Alrighty everyone, welcome back! This is Tavis Kilian with...

Rigzone | Siemens Energy CEO says turbine dispute is not our fault

Siemens Energy CEO Christian Bruch said Monday that there is no technical justification for Russia to refuse the delivery of a turbine for the key Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline.His comments come amid a standoff between Germany and Russia over a piece of equipment...

Rigzone | Potential curb on Australian LNG exports is another blow to Asia-Pacific gas markets

The Asia-Pacific gas market has suffered another blow after major natural gas producer Australia signaled it could potentially cut down liquified natural gas exports as the region battles tight gas supplies, high prices and competition from gas-short European...

OilPrice.com | Dodgy Demand Data? The Oil Price Collapse Conspiracy

WTI crude oil prices fell to their lowest point since early February on Thursday, giving up virtually all gains since Russia invaded Ukraine. WTI crude for September delivery tumbled -1.5% to close at $89.26/bbl while Brent crude for October delivery fell -2.1%...

OilPrice.com | What’s Really Happening With Gasoline Demand?

President Biden recently boasted on Twitter that gasoline prices in the United States have been falling for 50 days straight, noting this was the fastest decline in a decade.  The president added a sort of infographic to his tweet informing us that 50 percent...

OilPrice.com | Turkey Agrees To Pay For Russian Gas With Rubles

Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin agreed on Friday to bolster cooperation after a four-hour meeting, a joint statement from the two nations has revealed as cited by Reuters.As part of the deal, which would increase...

Rigzone | Oil companies giving back tons of cash, and other themes this earnings season

A trader works at the New York Stock Exchange NYSE in New York, the United States, May 18, 2022. U.S. stocks plummeted on Wednesday as weak earnings from major retailers stoked concerns about the impact of inflation.Michael Nagle | Xinhua News Agency | Getty...

Enverus | 5 Reasons To Attend SPARK 2022

2022 is on course to be an exceptional year for oil and gas. Exceptional, for the flurry of geopolitical events shaping the market. Exceptional, for the spectacular turn of events from 2020 – one of the industry’s most challenging years to date. But if 20+...

Rigzone | Why the price of a pint of beer in the UK is going through the roof

LONDON — The average cost of a pint of beer in the U.K. has soared by 70% since 2008 — well ahead of inflation — and some Londoners are parting with as much as £8 ($9.70) for 568ml of the amber nectar.According to figures from consultancy firm CGA, the average...

Epoch Times | Australia’s Lithium Ore Exports Exceeds $1 Billion in June, China Largest Buyer

Australia’s lithium exports hit a record high in June, with China becoming the country’s largest buyer, a new trade export data showed. Lithium concentrates exports reached $1.163 million (US$810 million) in June, an increase of 1,189 percent compared with the...

Rigzone | Energy prices have dipped, but oil stocks are still a buy: Investor

Oil prices have fallen sharply from their recent peaks, but there's still a case for buying oil stocks, according to Bill Smead, chief investment officer at Smead Capital Management.That's because energy prices are likely to stay high or even increase further,...

OilPrice.com | OPEC’s Lackluster Quota Hike Won’t Solve Oil Market Tightness

Yesterday, OPEC and its partners led by Russia agreed to increase their combined oil production by 100,000 bpd in September. Reports note that the decision follows calls from the U.S. and other big consumers for more oil. However, 100,000 additional barrels...

OilPrice.com | Why The West Is Easing Its Sanctions On Russia

If you ask a random EU official if the bloc should continue trying to punish Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, you will invariably get a positive answer. The sanction potential is reaching its end, but this is no reason for the EU to relieve the pressure,...

Enverus | How To Overcome Your Biggest Asset Development Challenges and Grow Your Returns

NAVIGATE TODAY’S TOUGHEST MARKET CHALLENGES TO BUILD YOUR STRONGEST FUTURE ENERGY STRATEGY Labor shortages continue to restrict operator’s ability to ramp production, inflation is driving up costs, investors now prioritize businesses with a sustainability...

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