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Our Purpose

Founded in 2015, RARE PETRO is designed to be the future of oil and gas technical firms. One of our primary goals is to work toward modernizing the industry by using and leveraging technology to fuel project efficiency. Now is the time to THINK DIFFERENTLY – THINK EFFICIENTLY!

We offer mobile app technologies and traditional technical consulting services with a focus on being more COST EFFECTIVE than other consulting firms. We strive to be the best price vs quality by offering services with active working relationships from a network of seasoned professionals and outsourcing services for data entry through working relationships with College Petroleum Engineering Departments.


  • Mobile Apps
  • Cloud Software
  • Field Data
  • Drone Imagery
  • Marketing Apps


  • Oil Field Evals
  • Prod Ops / Lift
  • P.E. Certs
  • News / Podcast
  • Field Services

RARE PETRO Technologies, Inc.


RARE PETRO TECH was founded in 2016 as a sister company to RARE PETRO ENGR to leverage industry experience, networks, and consulting activities to create modern oil and gas platforms.  Working together, the technology company has been able to create commercial applications and platforms that have rapidly been adopted and utilized from individual petroleum professionals to established companies in upstream oil and gas all over North America.

Mobile Apps

Reference tools, licensing and marketing, field data entry

Cloud Platforms

Logistical, technical analyses, data organization, easy-to-use, secure and effective

Drone Services

FAA licensed petro professionals, HD video and imagery along with IR capabilities

RARE PETRO Engineering, PLLC


RARE PETRO ENGR was founded in 2015 as a consulting company with deep knowledge on day-to-day oilfield operations and production. Its focus is to provide practical engineering evaluations and recommendations. It provides professional petroleum engineering services along with data entry, well-site rig management personnel, spill and site plan evals, and producing reserves analyses including other services. We assist multiple service and operating companies all over North America.

Petroleum Engineering

Professional Engineering Certs, production operations, lift and completion design, reserves analyses, vertical and horizontal knowledge

News Pulses

Monthly PDF and MP3 podcasts from around the industry focusing on major U.S. basins. Free subscription.

Field Services Personnel

Experienced well site and rig site production operation management. Assist in well work execution, reporting, and logistical needs.


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With current clients and projects in Colorado, Oklahoma & California, we have exposure and reach to help in many areas of the country. We welcome challenges and are eager to explore every step of the process to help you solve your problems in ways that benefit your business and the industry as a whole.