Who We Are

Based out of Golden, CO



Founded in 2015, RARE PETRO is designed to be the future of oil and gas technical firms. One of our main missions is to work towards modernizing the industry by using and leveraging technology to drive efficiency and improvement. With the recent downturn in the industry, NOW is the time to THINK DIFFERENT - THINK EFFICIENT!

While we offer mobile app technologies we also offer traditional technical consulting services with a focus on being more COST EFFECTIVE than other consulting firm models. We strive to be the best price vs quality by offering services with active working relationships from a network of seasoned professionals and outsourcing services for data entry through working relationships with College Petroleum Engineering Departments.

RARE PETRO Technologies, Inc. focuses
on leveraging modern technology
RARE PETRO Engineering, PLLC
focuses on engineering
consulting and outsourcing services


Our team is comprised of young professional software developers and multi-decade field & engineering advisors that provide our firm with over 100 YEARS of in-house oil industry experience. With Professional Petroleum Engineering, sales personnel and our working relationship with collegiate Petroleum Engineering faculty and students, we have the skillsets for a variety of work needs a project may demand!

Projects and Clients

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With current clients and projects in Colorado, Oklahoma & California, we have exposure and reach to help in many areas of the country. We like challenges and are willing to be creative in every step of the way to help you try to solve your problems in ways we all benefit from.