Another Oil Pipeline Leak Occurred in Southern California – A Unique Perspective on the Region

Posted: December 28, 2021

On Christmas eve, we received notification that another oil slick was spotted offshore southern California in the same proximity as the oil spill which occurred from a ruptured pipeline offshore Huntington Beach, California which spilled ~3000 barrels (bbls) of oil back in October.

This comes at a time where MANY ships are waiting in queue to dock and have the hundreds of sea containers, twenty-foot-equivalent units (TEUs), offloaded at the Port of Long Beach and Port of Los Angeles. Recall the article that we recently wrote “Supply Chain Issues Include Ships Stopped Offshore Mexico”.

Currently, there are multiple ships that are categorized as “Moored”, “At Anchor” or “Stopped” based on data from MarineTraffic. Each ship has a different carrying capacity and amount of TEU’s that it can hold. The ships currently positioned off the coast of southern California are holding anywhere from ~500 to ~6300+ TEUs which have anything from small microchips, stuffed animals, clothes, to much larger items like vehicles and heavy equipment machinery in them. Perhaps there are items that were ordered many weeks ago on them. Whether you believe it or not, there are many ships that have been diverted and are currently stopped offshore the coast of Mexico.


Many of you who are reading this are not aware that oil and gas operations exist in this part of the world. To help educate you, we refer you to an article that was written back in May 2016 by Tim Rathmann. ” California Oil Education Series: My Perspective | Seal Beach – Part 1″. The article gives readers a perspective of how oil companies are operating amongst urban/suburban environments in the Los Angeles Basin and California coastal communities. The article also highlights the Seal Beach oil field and has a picture that demonstrates how the oil and gas industry is co-existing within an urban environment and next to US Navy operations along with former NASA operations. In the article is a picture of a workover rig performing well maintenance adjacent to a community with homes worth $1.5 million – $3.0 million. In reference to the article:

Many folks in California don’t like the wells being in their community which has led to many of the environmental groups taking action against the oil companies often using misguided information to make false claims.
Actions from environmentally strengthened groups have led to the strictest oil and gas regulatory environment in the US making it a higher challenge for local oil and gas operators to do business of providing energy for California.

Author info:

Tim Rathmann – Riviera Unconventionals, LLC

Daniel Armine – Grand River Analytics, LLC


Beverly Hills Oil Field – Tower of Hope – Courtesy of Venoco Inc.


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