Thirsty Thursday: An Inventory Report (6/10)

Welcome back to the second episode of Thirsty Thursday! The temps are high, and so is the price for a barrel of WTI. Regardless, we are here to see what commodity levels are at, so kick back, grab a brew, and let's get to analyzing! Starting with the API report,...

Oil and Gas M&A Summary – May 2021

After continued demand destruction as a result of the global pandemic following historic price declines as a result of the Russia-Saudi price war, the oil and gas industry has been forced to re-calibrate in response to shifting market conditions with capital discipline taking center stage. Although 2020 saw the fewest deals across the sector in more than a decade, consolidation through this price cycle seems to be the driving force of 2021 as companies push to boost margins, cut emissions, and prepare for the energy transition.

Energy Market Report Card – Oasis Petroleum (OAS)

Chevron Corporation is a publicly traded upstream and downstream integrated energy company with NYSE ticker CVX. Following the FY2020 earnings release and company 10-K, a financial ratio analysis was performed to evaluate the firm. Several performance metrics were benchmarked to competitors in the industry as well as Chevron’s prior years. Although CVX showed declines year-over-year in several of these areas, a major driver appeared to be lost revenue due to commodity prices and the results also outperformed competitors in several areas.

Thirsty Thursday: An Inventory Report (6/3)

Welcome to a new segment from RARE PETRO: Thirsty Thursday! Here we will see if we’ve been poured another tall glass of crude and whether or not the US was thirsty enough to suck down another round. It is time to grab a drink, kick back, and dive into some data!...
Rising Chinese GHG Emissions

Rising Chinese GHG Emissions

Abstract For the first time since national greenhouse gas emissions have been measured, China’s annual emissions in 2019 exceeded those of all developed countries combined....



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