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The name says it all, RP’s basin breakdown is a one-stop-shop for the previous months; top articles, production data, rig count, events, and more. Subscribe to get a notification when the latest Breakdowns are posted. Tavis and Gunnar break down the latest news from the most productive basins each month, summarizing the most relevant trends, actions, and data that come up in the monthly basin breakdown publications.

Basin Breakdown October 2020

In this episode your hosts Tavis Kilian and Kevin Olson recap October news in your favorite basins! Music:

Basin Breakdown September 2020

In this episode your hosts Tavis Kilian and Kevin Olson recap September news revolving around Colorado sound standards, Biden's confusing policies, what setbacks really mean for state revenue, and weed based wildfires....

Basin Breakdown August 2020

Join your hosts Kevin Olson and Tavis Kilian as they cover the biggest news in oil and gas for the month of August! Music:

Basin Breakdown July 2020

Join your hosts Kevin and Tavis as they recap the stories about big acquisitions, pipeline fiascoes, exploratory gas wells, conditional taxation, and the re-acknowledged land rights of Oklahoma Native Americans. Apple...

Basin Breakdown June 2020

Join your hosts Tavis and Kevin as they talk about struggling state budgets, energy payouts with strings attached, itty bitty baby research from Cali, lawsuits galore, and a bill that refuses to die. Apple Podcasts...


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