Hydrocarbon History

Hydrocarbon History 4: Food Security

This episode explores how our food networks have been enabled by the utilization of oil and gas. After all, food doesn't come from the back of the grocery store, or from the trunk of the delivery guy's car. Watch the Video Below https://youtu.be/r5QDAY69E4Q Apple...

Hydrocarbon History 3: Save The Whales!

This episode explores the historical significance of one of the most beloved energy sources of all time: Whales. Where do whales fit in to the history of energy, and what exactly is their relationship to oil and gas? Watch the Video Below https://youtu.be/uPINlUBehdk...

Hydrocarbon History 2: London Fog

Energy use is not equivalent to environmental damage! In this episode Tavis talks about the history of London's notoriously bad air, and how improvements were made using hydrocarbons. Watch the Video Below https://youtu.be/f_ADB5Ajh64 Apple Podcasts Spotify Soundcloud...

Hydrocarbon History 1: Why Haiti is Losing

Welcome to Hydrocarbon History! In this series we explore the past of oil and gas to see what we might learn from the mistakes and successes of others. In this episode we look at how the Dominican Republic developed their electrical grid in contrast to Haiti. If there...

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