Marcellus Shale News Pulse December 2022

Posted: January 24, 2023

The Marcellus Shale | December 2022

Field Overview

The Marcellus Shale is the largest gas play onshore in the US. Located in the Northeast, it supplies the high-demand markets along the East Coast. Most of the basin’s gas is produced through unconventional methods, while the little oil produced is mostly by conventional means. Some of the top formations include the Onondaga and the Huntersville.

State Drilling Statistics

Active Drilling Rigs in Basin- 37 (-2)
Total Rigs in Pennsylvania- 22 (-1)
Total Rigs in United States- 771 (-4)
Total U.S. Rigs 28% YTD

State Permitting Data
Permits Approved – 64

Marcellus Top Producers
Top Producer By BOE – Chesapeake

Basin Highlights

Pennsylvania passes emergency rule to trim smog and methane emissions at oil, gas wells

Governor Tom Wolf got sneaky to pass new rules to help bring down methane emissions in the state. But what did he do exactly? Well, he partnered with the state Department of Environmental Protection to use a rare emergency rule to bypass republican legislators who would have likely shot down the ruling. While some have been critical of his unconventional methods, without them the state may have been fined $800 million in federal highway aid for not reducing methane emissions in a timely manner. In fact, had the governor not invoked the emergency rule, the state likely would have run out of time considering the deadline was a week away.

Western Pa. Contractor Fined for Illegal Dumping of Oil And Gas Waste

John A. Joseph, owner and operator of his own oil and gas waste company, illegally dumped waste at five sites he owned or had contracts to provide fill. The waste included drill cuttings from pipeline projects in West Virginia. Joseph, reached by phone Thursday, declined to comment, referring questions to his attorney. None of the samples registered high enough levels of pollution or radioactivity to warrant further cleanup. “(N)one showed any risk of harm to the public or environment from radiation,” the DEP said in a statement. 

Fracking Firm Agrees to Pay a Small Town’s Water Bills for 75 Years

The company, formerly known as Cabot Oil & Gas and now owned by Coterra, will pay for a new public water supply for Dimock, Pennsylvania for the next 75 years. The town of Dimock became ground zero for the debate over fracking on January 1, 2009. Residents had been suffering from strange rashes and headaches for several months. A fracking rig ruptured, causing a “methane pocket” but they continued to drill despite the leak, according to an environmental group. A grand jury investigation determined that fracking was to blame for methane and other contaminants in water wells used by residents. Shapiro demurred when asked whether Coterra Energy would be permitted to frack near Dimock in the future, saying he would review any proposals with his environmental secretary after taking over as governor.

Ohio Bill to Spur Fracking in State Parks and Forests

A bill intended to speed up oil and gas drilling in state parks was approved by Ohio lawmakers. Since 2011, state agencies have had permission to lease Ohio’s public lands for drilling. This, according to environmentalists, will harm the state’s parks and other natural regions. The bill is now on its way to Governor Mike DeWine. On state forest and park areas in Pennsylvania, new oil and gas leasing is prohibited. Drilling on state lands is currently not governed in Ohio, however, regulations are being developed by the Oil and Gas Land Management Commission. Jim McGregor, a member, claims that the panel is still in its infancy and has only convened three times.

Operators with Most Permits in PA

1Seneca Resources13
2PennEnergy Resources9
3Coterra Energy9
4PVE Oil7
5XTO Energy (Exxon)6
Hyperlinks to available Q3 2021 Reports

Top Producers By Gas

ChangeRankCompanyGas Production (MMCF) (8/22)
2Coterra Energy79.6
3Range Resources63.9
5Southwestern Energy47.2
Hyperlinks to available Q3 2021 Reports

Rig Count

PA Oil Production

PA Natural Gas Production

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