Rare Petro’s podcast network has you covered no matter your interest. From legacy interviews and oilfield history to the Monday Madness, or our Modern Mobile Oilfield with renowned digital oilfield strategist Geoffrey Cann. All brought to you by your host Tavis Kilian.

Monday Madness: July 26 ’21

Join your host Tavis as he speaks about the DoI's delay, Shell's refusal to accept the court's decision, and the impending Mexican energy crisis. Audio Transcript Alrighty everyone, welcome back! This is Tavis Kilian with RARE PETRO bringing you another episode of...

Monday Madness: July 17 ’21

Join your host Tavis as he soothes your worries about WTI price, talks OPEC's newest agreement, and discusses why oil may become more scarce (and expensive)! Audio Transcript Alrighty everyone, welcome back to another episode of Monday Madness! This is Tavis Kilian...

Monday Madness: July 12 ’21

In this week's episode your host Tavis walks you through last week's price swings, an update to the ocean fire, and Canada's struggle to be green. Audio Transcript Alrighty everyone, welcome back! This is Tavis Kilian bringing you another thrilling episode of Monday...

Monday Madness: July 6 ’21

In this episode of Join your host Tavis as he discusses revealing statistics, Mexican disasters, and the future of oil investment. Audio Transcript Alrighty everyone, welcome back! Hope you are all well rested after the long weekend and eager to get back into the...

Dry and Desperate for Energy

In this week’s episode of the Periodical Podcast, your hosts Kevin and Tavis highlight the record-toppling, early-season heat waves well into the triple digits that have spread across the western portion of the United States straining electricity grids as a severe...

Peak Oil: The Continuous Climb

Scientists, philosophers, and engineers have been predicting the eventual peak of oil production for decades, but each estimate has been incorrect. Was 2019 the year of peak oil? What are factors contributing to a decline in production? What are the newest estimates...


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