Rare Petro’s podcast network has you covered no matter your interest. From legacy interviews and oilfield history to the Monday Madness, or our Modern Mobile Oilfield with renowned digital oilfield strategist Geoffrey Cann. All brought to you by your host Tavis Kilian.

Monday Madness: April 19 ’21

Join your host Tavis Kilian as he talks about California's pointless legislation, the accident in the GOM, and China's massive import spree along with some incredibly important statistics! Audio Transcript Alrighty everyone welcome back! The RARE PETRO network strikes...

Monday Madness: April 12 ’21

In this episode your host Tavis discusses the implications of a carbon tax, rebel skirmishes, and California's kill shot for the energy industry. Audio Transcript Alrighty ladies and gentlemen, happy Monday! This of course, is an episode of Monday Madness with Tavis...

The Folly of Corn

In this week’s episode of the Periodical Podcast, your hosts Kevin and Tavis uncover the folly of corn-based ethanol gasoline. Historically, scientists viewed biofuels as inherently carbon-neutral but new studies performed over the past decade suggest that once all...

Hydrocarbon History 3: Save The Whales!

This episode explores the historical significance of one of the most beloved energy sources of all time: Whales. Where do whales fit in to the history of energy, and what exactly is their relationship to oil and gas? Watch the Video Below https://youtu.be/uPINlUBehdk...

Monday Madness: April 5 ’21

In this episode of Monday Madness your host Tavis discusses the implications of infrastructure, locational price fixation, and climate change in the courts. Audio Transcript Alrighty everyone welcome back! This is Tavis Kilian with RARE PETRO and this is another...

Power of Law

In this week’s episode of the Periodical Podcast, your hosts Kevin and Tavis conclude the series investigating how oil and gas producing states are attempting to fight Biden’s actions on fossil fuel development in the United States. To finalize this series, we will be...

Hydrocarbon History 2: London Fog

Energy use is not equivalent to environmental damage! In this episode Tavis talks about the history of London's notoriously bad air, and how improvements were made using hydrocarbons. Watch the Video Below https://youtu.be/f_ADB5Ajh64 Apple Podcasts Spotify Soundcloud...


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