Rare Petro’s podcast network has you covered no matter your interest. From legacy interviews and oilfield history to the Monday Madness, or our Modern Mobile Oilfield with renowned digital oilfield strategist Geoffrey Cann. All brought to you by your host Tavis Kilian.

Carbon Capturing The Climate Initiative

In this week’s episode of the Periodical Podcast, your hosts Kevin and Tavis discuss recent environmental, social, and corporate governance policies that energy companies worldwide have released in recent months and more specifically, their plans to implement carbon...

Hydrocarbon History 1: Why Haiti is Losing

Welcome to Hydrocarbon History! In this series we explore the past of oil and gas to see what we might learn from the mistakes and successes of others. In this episode we look at how the Dominican Republic developed their electrical grid in contrast to Haiti. If there...

Monday Madness: March 22 ’21

Join your host Tavis as he talks about the Eagle Ford's deserved win, an international Venezuela Oil party, and coal's dethroning. Audio Transcript Alrighty everyone welcome back. It’s me, Tavis Kilian, bringing you another episode of Monday Madness on this slushy...

Monday Madness: March 15 ’21

Join your host Tavis for a Monday Madness birthday, new potential legislation, and American piracy. Audio Transcript Alrighty ladies and gentlemen welcome back! Today is Monday March 15th, which makes this of course, an episode of Monday Madness. I know we usually...

Thawing the Texas Power Grid

In this week’s episode of the Periodical Podcast, your hosts Kevin and Tavis discuss the major winter storm that nearly destroyed the Texas power grid as producers were unable to keep up with surging demand. Since this is not the first time an arctic blast has plunged...

Monday Madness: March 8 ’21

In this episode of Monday Madness your host Tavis discusses OPEC+ commitments, Canada's facilities upgrades, and Iran's refusal to claim ownership of attacks or sign a new nuclear deal. Audio Transcript Last week I came to you from Michigan, but this week I come to...


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