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We’re Bringing the Oil & Gas Industry into the Future


We Build Better Tools For the Oil & Gas Industry

Mobile  Smart Phone

Oil & Gas Mobile Apps

Simple yet effective reference and calculator tools.

Maximum flexibility in the office or at the well-site.

Oil & Gas App Licensing

Customized apps with your logo and info.

Apps are built to fulfill multiple vital oil field needs.

Licensed mobile apps are built exclusively for you and your team.

Oil & Gas App Development

We build apps to improve your data capture, operational efficiency and sales.

Contact us to see if we can build something to dramatically improve your situation.

PWA Distribution

Easy App Distribution

Our apps can be distributed via just about anything.

From any website, email, QR codes, the app stores, and more!

Fully Responsive

System Agnostic

Apple, Windows, Linux… Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop… Our apps can run just about anywhere.  We leverage cutting-edge web-based technologies to get the most out of our software. With one code stack to rule ’em all, it is simpler to maintain and update. Plus, you don’t have to worry about what device(s) your customer base is using. They will effortlessly be able to get your app no matter if they’re Team Android or Team iOS.

App Development

Key Features

Fully Responsive

Personalized Customization

Superior Communication

Updates & Patches

Detailed Analytics

Real-Time Numbers

Your App Everywhere

All App. No Store.

There is no need for an app store with RP Technologies software. Using modern progressive web app technology, your app can easily be distributed anywhere and everywhere! From your website, email, QR code, and more. But hey, we can even distribute it from the app stores too.

Alpha Geeks

We are Not Your Average Technology Developers

Unlike other development teams, Rare Petro Technologies uses real-world experience to deliver digital tools with tangible influence. We don’t just sit in cubicles with plush chairs, in fact, we don’t even have cubicles. Our teams are out in the field experiencing the real day-to-day needs of the industry. Gaining inspiration from actual pain-points to develop solutions for real-world problems. We don’t hide in the backend, we take proactive measures in our goal to modernize the oil field!

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Our Apps

Rod Pump Calculator

Stuck Tubing Calculator

Rod Pump Calculator
Rod Pump Calculator U.S.
Stuck Tubing Calculator
Stuck Tubing Calculator

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News Pulse | Oil & Gas News

RP Technologies Inc.

We’re Bringing the Oil & Gas Industry into the Future

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