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Oil & Gas Mobile and Web Application Development

Oil & Gas Mobile Apps for Sale

  • Simple yet effective reference and calculator tools

  • Maximum flexibility in the office or at the well-site
  • Oil & Gas App Licensing

  • Customized apps with YOUR LOGO AND INFO

  • Apps are built to fulfill multiple vital oil field needs

  • Licensed mobile apps are built exclusively for you and your team
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    Oil & Gas App Development

  • We build apps to improve your data capture, operational efficiency and/or sales

  • Contact us to see if we can build something to dramatically improve your situation
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  • Support & New Ideas

    As we are wanting to improve tech applications within our firm, we are devoted to developing and refining our products.


    Support for Existing Apps

    We design simple and effective reference and calculator tools that can be used anywhere. Whether in an office or on a remote well-site, our tools allow maximum flexbility to help you never miss a beat. We are continuously working to add new apps to our portfolio along with updates and improvements to older apps over time. Check us on the mobile app markets by searching for RARE PETRO.


    Give Us Ideas

    Like the look of one of our apps? Want to know if you could have YOUR LOGO AND INFO on one of them? We specialize in custom made mobile applications that can be built to fulfill any number of vital oilfield needs. Licensed mobile apps are built to be used exclusively by you and can be made so only your team can access the app.

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    Lightweight and easy-to-use


    Point-to-point curve drawing

    Draw decline curves tht fit visually, then easily update curves in real-time using parameter sliders.


    Summary widgets

    Calculate EUR, Sum, Ratio, and Trend Fit with our summary widgets that update in real-time as you change your curves.


    Easy to use plot interface

    Create multiple axes with freedom to independently scale and position.


    Extensive customization

    Quickly access a full color palette and save your favorite colors for reuse.


    Try free for 30 days

    No credit card to start. Monthly subscription. No commitment.


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